You are the wildest, sweetest, and coolest festival guests – it was a pleasure partying, chilling, talking and dancing with you all!
We’re doing it again next year – so mark your calendars already:

🎉 FRIDAY JUNE 9th, 2023🎉


If you maybe partied a little too much, and forgot/dropped/lost something at this year’s festival,
please use to let us know.
Remember to note in the form, that you lost your things at the KU Festival.
We are collecting and sorting everything we find/that gets handed it, but we don’t answer any requests until Monday earliest.
Until then we are cleaning up after the festival… and catching up on sleep.

Katinka Band
15:30 - 16:30

The critically acclaimed, crowd and radio favourites Katinka Band is loved and praised by many, but they are first and foremost a project carried by fearlessness and dedicated authenticity.
Katinka Band makes their mark by being completely themselves and their experimentally poetic brand of pop music goes against all ideas of standard hit models. The band have just released the album “Ekstremsport”, and we look forward to singing along with them at the KU Festival 2022.

Prorector's Speech , The Student Council's Speech, Studentersangerne
17:30 - 18:00

Prorector for research David Dreyer Lassen welcomes everyone to KU Festival 2022.

The foreperson of the UCPH Student Council speaks.

The Men's Choir was founded by students in 1839 and have been singing at official KU events since 1869.

Benjamin Hav & Familien
18:00 - 19:15

In 2019 Benjamin Hav left the friendship-duo Benal and released two full solo albums in 2020, followed by the third in 2021.
Through this Benjamin has made his mark as one of the best rappers in Denmark with a very an intense personality and a crazy flow. His music sends the listeners on a wonderful musical journey through a vivid and quirky universe of lyrics.
Benjamin Hav brings Familien with him on tour, a band full of some of the most talented musicians Denmark can muster currently, and we're super excited to welcome them to the stage at the KU Festival.

20:30 - 21:45

PATINA entered the Danish music scene in 2020 with the singles “Flammer Rammer”, which became the most played song on P3 that year, and the more rock-influenced and serious “Sådan Må Det Være (Uhhh)”.
Even if you don’t understand the language, their joyful and energetic live performances is worth checking out, and we definitely look forward to welcoming them on stage!

Spleen United
23:00 - 00:00

The excitement was immense when Spleen United broke their six years of silence with what’s already a legendary late-night party at Roskilde Festival. A party which resulted in top marks in all reviews.
This is why we’ve chosen them as the closing live-act at KU Festival 2022, ensuring that we can end this year’s festival with a bang!

DJ Lars Da Fari
00:00 - 02:00

DJ Lars Da Fari is a mainstay behind the decks in Copenhagen – both as a live-DJ with Tudsegammelt and Tekkdafari, and as a club-DJ at pretty much every venue worth mentioning in town – including the KU Festival of course!

17:00 - 17:45

Musikvidenskabs Melodi Grand Prix! Of course Musicology at UCPH has their own "Eurovision song contest" - and they bring their show to the KU Festival!

19:30 - 20:15

In most of her 25 year long life Pauline have been writing poetry and played with words, and now they’ve transformed into music.
She made her mark on the Danish music landscape at last year’s Spot Festival and at the United for Ukraine concert this year. When our booker saw her perform at Vega, he decided on one sure thing; Pauline belongs at this year’s KU Festival!

Iris Gold
22:00 - 22:45

Iris Gold is this year’s funk extravaganza on the Frekvens stage. Since her debut in 2015, Iris Gold’s star has been on the rise, and it was a no-brainer for us to invite her and her super groovy band to join the KU Festival line-up this year.

Meet: Studenterrådet, UCAPS, Sustainability Science Centre, UCPH Innovation Hubs
14:30 - 17:30
Booths in the tent all afternoon

You can meet Studenterrådet, UCAPS, Sustainability Science Centre, UCPH Innovation Hubs all afternoon in the Wegener tent.


Studenterrådet - Meet The Student Council for UCPH and hear about their work towards an even better university for the students - and how to get involved!

UCAPS - Come meet the University of Copenhagen Association of PhD Students (UCAPS) - if you are a PhD student at UCPH you can join - or maybe they can inspire you to become a PhD?

Sustainability Science Centre - An cross-faculty platform for integrating sustainability in UCPH’s core activities and developing high quality educational initiatives and cutting-edge research relating to sustainability.

UCPH Innovation Hubs - Do you want to create change with your studies? Pop by our stand for a talk about how you as a student can take innovation or startup projects with or without ECTS.

Klimakrøller går LIVE
15:00 - 15:30
Live Podcast

Live edition of the podcast Klimakrøller with prof. Katherine Richardson

Organised by: Sustainability Science Centre & GRØN


Life has always had a huge impact on the earth we live on. It has been the cause of the evolution of the continents, changed the air in our atmosphere and most recently mankind has arrived. We continue the changes, but faster than before and with great consequences for ourselves. The field of research on the earth as a unified system has been named Earth System Science and that is exactly what this live edition of Klimakrøller with Katherine Richardson is based on!

16:15 - 17:00

Debate with a panel of experts
Host: Hjalte Jørgensen

Organised by: Studenterrådet, Crown Princess Mary Center, Grønt Netværk


Do you find that it can be difficult to make the right choice in relation to the climate?
The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges people face, and in many contexts, it is difficult to navigate the many 'climate' dilemmas of everyday life. In this connection, Studenterrådet, Crown Princess Mary Center and Grønt Netværk invite you to Klimamonopolet, where host Hjalte Jørgensen together with the panel will discuss some of the many everyday dilemmas associated with the climate crisis.

It is the audience that poses the dilemmas, and the panel that comes up with solutions.

Student Start-Up Talk
17:15 - 17:45

Organised by: UCPH Innovation Hubs


Meet students who have made change-making part of their studies. They each work on innovative projects or startups and balance the everyday student life with creating new solutions to some of the societal problems we face.

Palmer & Portvin
19:45 - 20:30
Lounge Concert

Equal parts dessert vibe, swinger clubs and Hammond Organ in unspecified quantities. Sleazy, euphoric and pairs well with cigarillos and something stronger than beer…

Palmer & Portvin
21:30 - 22:15
Lounge Concert

Equal parts dessert vibe, swinger clubs and Hammond Organ in unspecified quantities. Sleazy, euphoric and pairs well with cigarillos and something stronger than beer…

Meet the Green Initiatives
14:30 - 17:30
Booths in the tent all afternoon

Meet a selection of the exciting green or sustainability focused initiatives from all over the university.
They have booths in Stallkneckt all afternoon.

You can meet:
Vild Campus
Fight Food Waste


Sustainability2030 - Sustainability2030 is working towards a more sustainable university. Meet them in the tent and share your thoughts about how we can create a more sustainable university together.

Vild Campus - A student-run association at the University of Copenhagen. The purpose of the association is to establish biodiverse nature areas on Nørre Campus.

IFSA - The International Forestry Students’ Association is one of the largest international networks of students in forestry and related sciences.

Actory invites students to co-create, initiate and carry out sustainability activities on an interdisciplinary basis. Actory was established by the University of Copenhagen and Studenterhuset.

Rodebutikken is the Faculty of Social Science’s very own volunteer-run exchange station with recycling in focus.

Pometet Projekt - Meet projects from Actory’s spring innovation programme are showcasing their ideas and final projects.

Fight Food Waste - Meet projects from Actory’s spring innovation programme are showcasing their ideas and final projects.

Official opening and cake!

Sustainability2030 welcomes everyone to the Stallknecht stage and serves free cake!

Our Future is Plant-based
15:00 - 15:30

Organised by Green Solutions Centre - As part of the Green Solutions Centre’s first “Living Lab” Christian Bugge Henriksen will give an inspiring talk about how we can shift towards a more plant-based food system. Green Solutions Centre is based on a genuine desire to collaborate on research-based green solutions across the faculties of University of Copenhagen. The aim is to develop interdisciplinary solutions to obtain societal and global green goals.

Swipe Right for the Climate
15:40 - 16:10
Speed Dating

Organised by Grønt Netværk

Do you also lack a little looove in your life? Do you also think that the climate is too hot? And also, do you not want to be invited to the steakhouse on the first date? Then come to green speed dating with SIMA, Casus Clima and the Student Council and #swipetilhøjreforklimaet

Here you can find your future flirt, boyfriend or life partner, who is as hooked on the climate fight as you are

KUiz by Uniavisen
16:30 - 17:15

KUiz by Uniavisen - The University Post invites you to their traditional quiz on general knowledge.

Oasen - Cider tasting

Oasen Cider is a group of students at Frederiksberg Campus who brew cider from surplus apples from Pometet in Taastrup and give us a taste of their product.

Stallknechts G&T Bar
19:00 - 23:00

Enjoy a cold gin&tonic from the bar in Stallknecht while you relax and chat with your colleagues and course-mates.

14:00 - 18:00
Sport og lege

Join the University Sports Organisation KSI (KU Studenteridræt) in their various activities on the central grass area in front of the Totem stage.

Proletar Teater
14:30 - 17:30

Pop-up Theater performance: Èn T-shirt


Proletar Teater develops new sustainable ways of making theater and celebrates the recycling of the volunteer-uniforms at the festival with a new performance located in at the festival area.