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Sign up with your UCPH colleagues!

You can sign up for a volunteer shift with your colleagues.

Your department or institute can sign up as a group and work together in a bar for 2 hours.

You need to be a group of 4-10 colleagues. You can see how many volunteers are needed per group in the schedule below.

Sign up as a group by emailing with the following info:

1. Requested timeslot and bar number

2. How many are you?

3. Names and KU-mail addresses for everyone signed up

NB. The number of volunteers per timeslot can not be changed.
They are set to accommodate the size of the bar and the expected workload for the timeslot.

The bar shifts for groups are designated after a first come, first served principle.

We will contact the designated contact person with confirmation of your group’s timeslot, once we’ve assigned the various shifts.

We will contact you well before the festival with practical info about the shift, meeting point, map over the festival site and barer plus other important information. After the event you will receive an evaluation form.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you show up with the amount of people you’ve signed up for.

In case of illness/cancellations please contact as soon as you know – then we will do our best to find additional volunteers.

Bar 1

13.30-15.30  /  8 pers. BOOKET

15.00-17.00/ 10 pers. BOOKET

Bar 2

13.30-15.30  /  6 pers. BOOKET

15.00-17.00/  6 pers. BOOKET

Bar 3

13.30-15.30  /  6 pers. BOOKET

15.00-17.00 / 6 pers. BOOKET

Bar 4

13.30-15.30 / 8 pers. BOOKET

15.00-17.00  /  8 pers. BOOKET

Bar 5

13.30-15.30/  6 pers. BOOKET

15.00-17.00/ 6 pers. BOOKET

Bar 6

11.30-13.30  / 4 pers. BOOKET

13.00-15.00  / 6 pers. BOOKET

14.30-16.30/ 6 pers. BOOKET

16.00-18.00  / 6 pers. BOOKET


14.00-16.00  / 2 pers. BOOKET

16.00-18.00  / 2 pers. BOOKET

Tidy up crew

14.00-16.00  /  6 pers. BOOKET

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