What is the KU Festival?

The KU Festival is the biggest event at the University of Copenhagen.
Students and staff across all  faculties and departments gather for a day full of great music and lots of hygge for the university party of the year.

On Friday, June 9th, 2023 the park at Universitetsparken, Nørre Campus will transform into one big festival site with four stages, lots of bars and food trucks. Approx. 16,000 students and staff members from the University of Copenhagen will swing by the festival, some for a cozy afternoon, some for an entire day and night of partying.

The schedule will be posted on this site when it's ready. It will continuously be updated with cool concerts, exciting pop-up activities, the University Football finals and much more.

The KU Festival is a non-profit event organized by the University of Copenhagen, the UCPH Student Council and Studenterhuset, and the entire event is non-profit.

A wide array of the activities on the festival site, the pop-up concerts, and the other events are also organized by students and staff from the university. On the day of the event, there will be more than 320 volunteers - mainly students and staff from UCPH - who make sure that everyone has a fantastic experience at the festival.

Do you want to be a volunteer too? Read more and sign up here 

The event is only accessible for students and staff with a UCPH ID-card, so remember to bring it on the day, since it will be checked at the entrance to the event.

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