Artists 2022

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Iris Gold is this year’s funk extravaganza on the Frekvens stage. Since her debut in 2015, Iris Gold’s star has been on the rise,
and it was a no-brainer for us to invite her and her super groovy band to join the KU Festival line-up this year.

PATINA entered the Danish music scene in 2020 with the singles “Flammer Rammer”, which became the most played song on P3 that year,
and the more rock-influenced and serious “Sådan Må Det Være (Uhhh)”. Even if you don’t understand the language,
their joyful and energetic live performances is worth checking out, and we definitely look forward to welcoming them on stage!

The critically acclaimed, crowd and radio favourites Katinka Band is loved and praised by many, but they are first and foremost a project
carried by fearlessness and dedicated authenticity. Katinka Band makes their mark by being completely themselves and their experimentally poetic
brand of pop music goes against all ideas of standard hit models. The band have just released the album “Ekstremsport”,
and we look forward to singing along with them at the KU Festival 2022.

In 2019 Benjamin Hav left the friendship-duo Benal and released two full solo albums in 2020, followed by the third in 2021.
Through this Benjamin has made his mark as one of the best rappers in Denmark with a very an intense personality and a crazy flow.
His music sends the listeners on a wonderful musical journey through a vivid and quirky universe of lyrics.
Benjamin Hav brings Familien with him on tour, a band full of some of the most talented musicians Denmark can muster currently,
and we're super excited to welcome them to the stage at the KU Festival.

In most of her 25 year long life Pauline have been writing poetry and played with words, and now they’ve transformed into music.
She made her mark on the Danish music landscape at last year’s Spot Festival and at the United for Ukraine concert this year.
When our booker saw her perform at Vega, he decided on one sure thing; Pauline belongs at this year’s KU Festival!

DJ Lars Da Fari is a mainstay behind the decks in Copenhagen – both as a live-DJ with Tudsegammelt and Tekkdafari,
and as a club-DJ at pretty much every venue worth mentioning in town – including the KU Festival of course!

The excitement was immense when Spleen United broke their six years of silence with what’s already
a legendary late-night party at Roskilde Festival. A party which resulted in top marks in all reviews.
This is why we’ve chosen them as the closing live-act at KU Festival 2022, ensuring that we can end this year’s festival with a bang!